About djkeyserv140

Thank you for your visit to my humble blog.

This is a little journal to keep track of thoughts and ideas along my protracted and discombobulated journey to write a book series, with some short stories thrown in every now and then, and hopefully get some feedback and discussion with other writer-ly folk.

WAAAAY back in 2004/2005, I had an idea for a story that I developed for a little while.  That kinda fell by the wayside due to my available time being taken up by one marriage, two children and life in general.

Around a year ago, after watching one of my wife’s favourite TV shows, two characters dropped into my head in the most vivid of scenes.  The scenario is currently the penultimate scene of my book series, while the idea I had WAAAY back in 2004/2005 has been adapted into the main location of my final story.

The current naming convention for the series is the ” ‘Path of…’ Septology”.  Despite its kinda obvious overtone, the story is not all about religion.  The current bend is toward it being pseudo-historical fiction, with a bit of everything thrown in to make it something different and creative.

So… have a read of my thoughts, discuss any ideas I put forward, and hopefully a better story will be the result =)


17 thoughts on “About djkeyserv140

  1. Dear djkeyserv140,
    I have just nominated you for “The Next Big Thing Blog hop,” about your work-in-progress. The procedures are listed on my post of November 23, because Emma McCoy nominated me. Just answer the ten questions and nominate five people yourself. You can let them know through their “About” links if you want (that seems to be the way people are doing it). Have fun, you’ve earned it!

  2. Good luck on writing your story. I used to try writing novels, but I seem to do better with comics. It’s weird when inspiration just comes from nowhere. The inspiration for one of my comics appeared to me in a dream. It was a strange scene in a city involving two people, maybe kids, and a weird man, and that inspired the comic I wrote about June and the Philosopher (with June and her brother being the two kids, and the Philosopher being the weird man).

    • Philosophers are inherently weird, as they dwell so hard on the nature of things that it seems obsessive and the conclusions can be waaay out there.

      I envy your drawing abilities. The times I have wished to be able to draw scenes from my big project, to clarify what I want to see and describe, but my skills are sadly lacking.

      The random appearance of inspiration shows how awesome the human mind is. All the info you take in sits in the back of your mind, and the brain can churn out randomly linked ideas to write on. My big project idea also came from a dream, as described in an earlier post. The link is below.


      • Thanks very much for your compliment. Before I started drawing, I, too, wished I could draw so I could see with my own eyes what was in my head. I’ve gotten better after about six years of practice, but I am still not as good as I want to be.

  3. Hi! I’ve nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award. The instructions are on my site (note that now to get my site you go to https://creativeshadows.wordpress.com/ NOT http. I’m not sure what the difference is, but due to the changes they made on the sites about a month or two ago, it was necessary to use https to get the links to the other sites to work today (including yours). Go figure–I don’t know enough about computers to know what it means, especially since I’m able to get through to your site regularly using http. Anyway, if you’re interested in getting the award the instructions are on the site. I hope you don’t feel inconvenienced.

  4. Hi, there! Just dropping by on a Friday night to say “eagerly awaiting more from Venus and Susa, whenever it happens to come!” Not rushing you, just letting you know that you’re appreciated! I’ve been writing today to some others whom I’m not heard across the blogosphere for a while (emmamccoy, whom I know you follow, has I think been taken up with a new job, like you, for quite some time, so I blogged her today), but I didn’t want to leave you out even though you’ve been blogging regularly and religiously because I’m following three of your fictions now (the two short stories and the WIP), and man! I’m committed! Don’t give up till you’re done, my friend, you have a gift! This is only meant in friendly support, of course, no pressure, no pressure (he! he!).

    • Thank you for the support. It is greatly appreciated =)

      Am currently in the backrooms of a diamond store in Geneva. Once that is finished, it’s to the ruins of Petra for a Sayeh sighting =)

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