Welcome!, and Curse you research-induced Writer’s Block!

Post #138.  13 more to go…

I have two new followers to my site.  Thank you to hollisplample and aristaeverettjune for your vote of interest =)

Looking back at when the last posts were made for ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’ and ‘Sayeh and Zia’, realising that it has been over a week (8 days) and just under a week (6 days) for the other is disappointing.

The reason for this is due to a virtue distorting itself into a vice.  It has been mentioned that my orderliness is a good thing, and something that I keep to in an attempt for it to flow into the story and make it a cohesive whole.

Orderliness has demonised itself by stopping me moving on until I complete the next scene (Chapter 4 Scene 1) of OVCC#9.  The flight, including stop-overs, between Geneva and Bangui is almost 19 hours.  The previous post mentioned the various places the flight passes over, and I feel that this diversity should be described well in the first scene of the new chapter.  The changes in scenery help flesh out the cultural and environmental differences to Barney’s homes, mentioned frequently but not yet seen.  It also helps to set up the arrival at Bangui, with its environmental diversity similar to two worlds. One Barney is uncomfortable in, and the other the epitomy of his comfort zone.

Once this block is worked through, the new characters are there, waiting to be introduced and fleshed out.  A niggling issue is whether the sense of foreboding is enough, as only one person has been affected so far, and they are in a coma.  Chapter 4 Scene 2 will be the exact half-way point of the story, so maybe that is a good place to start the carnage.

Once that is done, I can get back to Susa and the impending arrival of the renowned merchant and hopeful suitor, Yafeu Babafemi.

I apologise for the delay in these stories, but I promise that everything is being done to ensure that the quality of the writing is on the up and up.  Thank you for your patience =)


6 thoughts on “Welcome!, and Curse you research-induced Writer’s Block!

  1. I’ll tell you now, sometimes I have a tendency of just ripping through for the sake of getting words down. Always have to go back and edit. I would rather write it correctly the first time than have to go back and painstakingly edit each and every detail 😉 Look forward to it.

    • There are times when just getting the words down are the aim; that usually occurs once 50% of the scene is written. Having a prior portion helps keep the thought train going.

      Getting it right the first time is a noble yet futile aim. Worse is the ‘all or nothing’ mentality, when you can’t get move on until you finish where you are =\

  2. Ooooh, carnage… You take your time and keep doing the same good quality as usual. I need to learn to do my writing properly the first time. I don’t plan as much as I should ahead of time, and then my stories need huge amounts of editing.

    • It is extremely hard to go back and edit, when your brain is urging you on to the next section of the plot.

      Yes, carnage. Mwahaha. I think I may written myself into a corner, but the fun is getting out of them in a satisfying manner.

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