Of Reading Thoughts, Meddlesome Muses, Happy Coincidences, and COUNTDOWN BEGINNINGS!


‘Wolf of the Plains’ by Conn Iggulden (Book 1 of the ‘Khan’ series)


Up to page 153 of 455.  Very good read so far, and the scenery is very well described.  Though you kinda know what will happen, the enjoyment is in the journey, not the destination =)

– X –

The normally reliable Muse is back to its old tricks again.  While working on my science fiction short story, it threw a fully-formed fantasy idea into my mind to provide a distraction.  Now, the story idea that came into my mind prior to starting my latest book is providing another distraction.  Mythological and Historical Persian Epic Poetry!

To have choice is a wonderful thing, but it causes havoc for an orderly sort of person.

– X –

Trying to get my focus back on OVCC#9.  Having started on Venus, we have been to Berlin and Geneva on the Motherworld.  The next stop:  the Central African Republic capital of Bangui.

This locale was chosen due to the fact that it is one of only two places on Earth where Carbonado is found.  The other locale is Brazil, where Kumara is visiting in the unspoken background of Barney’s travels.

For this story, Google Maps has been the most awesomely helpful tool for locale research.  You can literally follow Barney’s directions and find the inspiration for Liban’s shop.  My usage of GM has moved to Bengui, and an extremely coincidental link has been found.  Where Geneva has Rue de Rhône, Bangui has Rue de l’Industrie.  Unplanned locale naming links are awesome!

Looking to mix up the character set.  After the super-multi-cultural team on Venus and a one-on-one dealing in Geneva, a new dynamic is required.   Claudio has hooked Barney up with a native couple, having their own links to the diamond trade but at the other end of the scale.  Maybe another character(s), maybe more evil and devious *evil grin*.

Researching flights from Europe to the Central African Republic shows that even a trip there is super-multi-cultural.  Geneva to Cairo to Nairobi to Bangui is quite a lot of culture shifting, from European Capitalism to a centre of Muslim Culture to locales in the former ‘Deepest and Darkest Africa’.  Will leave Muslim culture alone for this story, as it is of importance to a particular ‘Big Project’.

– X –

The wheel are in motion for an orderly transition.  Keep an eye out for Post #151, and its link to the next stage…  For reference, this is post #137.


One thought on “Of Reading Thoughts, Meddlesome Muses, Happy Coincidences, and COUNTDOWN BEGINNINGS!

  1. Really, I don’t know how you can complain about not being orderly enough! You are far more orderly than I am, with previous numbers of posts already numbered, books broken down into an even number of chapters and pages and so forth. Cut yourself some slack, I for one think you are very orderly!

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