Self-Indulgence, Reading Thoughts and Branding!


‘An Autumn War’ by Daniel Abraham (Book 3 of the ‘Long Price’ series)


Now this book is where the series has hit its stride.  All the life experiences of the main characters have come back to impact their futures, and the series name has really come to reflect the events of the story.  Unlike the previous lead-in times for the next instalment, I am excited for ‘The Price of Spring’.


‘The Gods of Amyrantha’ by Jennifer Fallon (Book 2 of the ‘Tide Lords’ series)


Two hours of reading today on the travel and from work, and 100 pages were read.  Reading Jennifer’s books is a very smooth experience that leaves you wanting to know more.  Knowing how to kill an Immortal?  Enticing!

– X –

Unfortunately, the new job has caused some slow down with my writing schedule.  The times where I could stay up until midnight to work on completing a scene (and accompanying research) are gone for the moment.

Never fear, the next step in my process will be the kick up the posterior for this sorry excuse for lack of writing.

– X –

The self-indulgence will involve a rebranding of the website from djkeyserv140 to my planned pen name, which may require a ove from the current page.  Also planned is a Facebook account.  Time to send this hobby on its journey to professionalism!

– X –

Apologies for the brevity of the post.  Will be more substantial next time.  Time to travel back to Susa, and then fast forward to Geneva =)


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