More Short Story Ideas, Good News and More Reading Thoughts!


‘The Light of Machu Picchu’ by A.B.  Daniel (Book 3 of the ‘Incas’ series)


There seemed to be a LOT more sex in this one than the preceding two books.  I am not sure if this was designed as ‘filler’, since the book was somewhat shorter than its forebears.  Despite that, it was an enjoyable read that addressed the fate of characters I have known since childhood but never read up on.


‘An Autumn War’ by Daniel Abraham (Book 3 of the ‘Long Price’ series)

– X –

A week into my new job, and it seems to being going ok.  The first few months of a role have always been anxious, with getting your head around familiar processes in a new organisation.  Everyone has been nice so far, and I get to meet my proper boss next week.

The kids seem to have the Disney/Pixar movies on continuous rotation in our house.  At the wife’s suggestion, I broke the rotation and put on ‘Treasure Planet’, which is another Disney movie but did not involve Pixar.  A galactic adaption of ‘Treasure Island’, it is enjoyable for what it is.  It is a pity it never made more money than it took to produce it.

One scene in particular gave me an idea for another Science Fiction short story.  A character fell through a black hole, and current scientific knowledge says nothing can exist within one.  Well, maybe we can get an idea of what lies beyond the black hole…

– X –

By a stroke of luck, I found out that one of my favourite TV shows from when I was a child is getting its second, third and fourth series, almost thirty years after the original.  I searched up one of the character’s names for its meaning, and found out that it means ‘light, splendour, grain’.  The surprise is that the TV show character is an Inca girl, yet her name is of Arabic origin.  A moment of inspiration meant searching for what name means ‘shadow’, and I found an awesome name of Persian origin.  So, from there comes a fantasy story in the Arabian Desert that spreads from Egypt to Persia.

And now, the three genres have an even six story ideas each!  Unfortunately, they will only be revealed as I start posting their scenes.

I apologise to anyone who might lose track of the stories, should I end up posting scenes from different stories in a haphazard manner.  Should this happen, be sure to use the links on the left-hand side of the page.  A page of links will be updated with every relevant post, and finally the page will become the host of a PDF once the story is complete.

And don’t be shy folks, feedback is appreciated =)


4 thoughts on “More Short Story Ideas, Good News and More Reading Thoughts!

    • Thanks for your enthusiasm. It is my literary espresso =)

      OVCC#9 is still progressing, albeit a bit more slowly. My original plot does not seem exciting enough, so some revision is occurring. That, and S&Z came into my head the most complete story yet. It wasn’t a kernel of inspiration, more like a field ready to be harvested =)

      • Are you kidding, not exciting enough? What about poor Leana and that delayed love relationship? I know guys often don’t put that much romance into fantasy fiction, but I’m really interested in what happens between her and Barney and the alien force inhabiting her, whatever it is. And as to S&Z, harvest away, I’m eagerly waiting!

      • The current scene is Barney on a commercial flight, reflecting on how different the Europe he sees below him is to his own home and his Venusian hme. Not exciting per se, but gives depth to his story.

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