Short Story Delays, and Reading Thoughts!


‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett


A good read that was hard to put down, as the endorsement on the cover suggested.  It felt a lot darker than ‘Pillars of the Earth’, but that is likely due to the duelling conflicts of the population against the plague and a change in the dynamics of the characters.  Where the main characters were all good in PotE, the dynamic was reversed in WWE and they were some bad main characters.  When it seems the bad guys are winning for most of the novel, it definitely makes it feel darker.


‘Starless Night’ by R.A. Salvatore (Book 8 in the ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series)


A very smooth read, with the action impeccable as always.  It almost feels like a circle fully turned, with the main character returning to the homeland he left way back in Book 1, though I am sure there is bound to be a new circle beginning.


‘The Light of Machu Picchu’ by A.B.  Daniel (Book 3 of the ‘Incas’ series)

– X –

I am deeply sorry for my procrastination on continuing ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’, which has been caused by a pair of factors.

The first one is that I have finally got a job, which I start on Monday.  This required a read-up on the company’s Annual Reports, and reviewing my knowledge of the topic matter my role will focus on.

The second are the issues I have found within the story itself.  The biggest one is my misnaming of the main character.  The Yolngu tribe, which lives on the land bordered by the Arafura Sea and the Gulf of Carpentaria, have a Creator-GODDESS named Barnumbirr.  Even after doing a large amount of research, making such a big error as naming a guy with a unambiguous feminine name is pretty bad, especially when nearly every name associated to Venus is feminine.  Having to rename your main character mid-publishing is a bit embarrassing =\

The story is still in progress, but it likely be slowed down by having less time to devote to writing.  Once a new equilibrium is found with my new day-to-day priorities, I will keep posting my work and try to repay my readers for my recently slovenly posting.


2 thoughts on “Short Story Delays, and Reading Thoughts!

  1. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, on the new job! I have also to tell you that I made the change you requested in my post on the Versatile blogger award. As to the naming of your character, why not give him a dramatic backstory, such as that his mother died while giving birth to him, and because all his siblings were boys and she so wanted a girl, they wrapped him in swaddling clothes and let her hold him before dying and told the mother he was a girl, hence her naming of him, a name he has struggled with all his life, but which has contributed to his respect for women and his strength with men, because he has fought a lot of battles, etc? You see, I can think of a way out of it, only it’s your story, and you have to decide whether or not you think this kind of out is what you want to use. I like him, a lot. And congratulations again on the job.

    • “… because all his siblings were boys and she so wanted a girl…”

      Indeed. Have changed his name from Barnumbirr to Barnaby, which means ‘son of consolation’. The cause of his name will be mentioned later in the piece.

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