New Short Story Ideas, and Reading Thoughts

It has been hard trying to think of anything interesting to talk about, hence having not posted a non-short story blog for a while.  My apologies for that.

It is now eight days into reading ‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett, and I am up to page 1135 of 1243.  The words of endorsement on the cover, ‘you won’t be able to put it down’, were not wrong.  It has been a page-turner the whole way, even when the topic matter was not enjoyable.  Being able to keep the reader turning the pages through nasty stuff is a good effort.

Unfortunately, the ‘Big Project’ seems to have fallen completely off my radar.  Who would have thought after being stuck in writing Chapter 3 for so long, another road block would appear in Chapter 4?  Every time these blocks have occurred, the only way to get past them was a moment of inspiration… which I am still waiting for.

On the plus side, the short stories section has been flourishing nicely.  Work is still ongoing with ‘On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine’, with our main character Barney Puyngu not far away from landing on Earth with his cargo.  I only hope that my loyal reader (or readers?) will keep enjoying it.  The dark part starts in Chapter 2 Scene 4 =)

If anyone has looked at the ‘Short Stories’ page, they may have noticed a few more additions to the list.  The Fantasy section has had ‘The Seafaring Heathens’, ‘Of Strongmen and Panther Knights’, ‘Gwyff and Elyn’ and ‘Gift of the Gods’ added.  Each of these could easily have been placed in the ‘Historical Fiction’ genre, as they involve the histories of Vikings, Georgians and Armenians, and the Welsh respectively… but I am not sure of the last one’s historical basis yet.  Historical Fiction was full enough, and these should give me the chance to involve more ‘true fantasy’ components.

However, the one new short story that has got me excited is under the ‘Science Fiction’ genre.  Tentatively titled ‘Robot Ripper’, it will be a (hopefully) entertaining mix of Steampunk and horror.  There is a small subgenre of Steampunk called ‘Steamgoth’, which deals with darker stories in the Steampunk universe.  It will definitely be new ground for me, and is got me pumped.  But to go straight into another Science Fiction tale, after previously being so ready to start my first fantasy short story, ‘True Love’s Last Kiss’?  Well, being spoilt for choice is usually a good thing, right?


4 thoughts on “New Short Story Ideas, and Reading Thoughts

  1. It sounds like you’ve been very, very busy lately. I have to confess, I’m 1) stuck on Venus and am 2) still anxiously waiting around for the blockade to end on the long work, so that I can read more of it.

    • The wife has demanded I focus on the job hunting, instead of indulging the story writing. Maybe when I earn money off it, I can indulge it =P

      Still working through the overall storyline for OVCC9.

      I only have the first draft of Chapter 3 of the ‘Big Project’ available, if you would like that to read.

      Thanks for reading =)

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