No More Philosophy, Reading Thoughts, and Nice Weather!


‘The Hero of Ages’ by Brandon Sanderson (Book 3 in the ‘Mistborn’ series)


Darn Mr Sanderson for his unputdownable writing!  What probably took him years to write (724 pages) was read in three days.  Awesome conclusion, and I just read that a one-off story he wrote in this world’s future is the beginning of a new Mistborn trilogy.  And for extra awesome, I am a handful of books away from starting his portion of the Wheel of Time’ series.  Huzzah!


‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett

– X –

Sorry for the delay in the blogging in between the story writing.  I recently got to ‘celebrate’ (read as: bemoan) the five month anniversary of my resigning from my last job.  It would appear many other accountants had the same idea as me at the same time, so there is an overabundance of us number-interpreters.  Thankfully, everyone is getting back to work after the school holidays, and the job advertisements have increased.

1st of February?  Wow, for once it seems Summer has flown by.  I wonder if it is just me, but the summer has seemed milder this year.  We have still had plenty of stinking hot days (over 35°C, or 95°F), but it seemed the long stretches of such days have not occurred this year.

– X –

This will be the last philosophical question posed, since it has not seemed to encourage conversation.  Got to give everything a try, right?

How should we act?

Such a question is multi-faceted, as it would depend on the outcome we are hoping to achieve.  And, of course, not everyone has the same outcome in mind.

The most well-worn request is for world peace.  To achieve such a thing, we would need to be accepting of each other’s differences, and work collaboratively when trying to resolve conflicts.  While it is a good idea in theory, the practice is always the hardest part.  Everyone in the world has a different life experience, and these are what lead to firmly held beliefs.

An example of this is trying to garner peace in the war-torn parts of the Middle East and Africa.  There have been numerous documented genocides and ongoing ethnic conflicts over the years.  If any person was personally involved in these, or had lost loved ones, can you imagine how hard it would be to try and establish a lasting peace with people you know were personally involved in carrying out genocides?  And when outside parties try to help establish peace, the likely reprimand they would get is that they have no idea how much the events have affected those directly involved.

Such a mindset is understandable, as a terrible event in one’s life leads them to do everything they can to avoid it happening again.  In the above case, a person would have nothing to do with their past oppressors.  Despite it being understandable, it also blocks off the future prospect of reconciliation, as others from the oppressing parties may have released the errors of their actions and wish to forge a better path for the future.

In an ideal world, we should act with compassionate co-operation, and do our utmost to let go of previous events that prevent us from doing so.  Yes, it is easier said than done, but it is what has to happen.


One thought on “No More Philosophy, Reading Thoughts, and Nice Weather!

  1. There’s a new book out called “Ethical Theory,” an anthology, by someone named Safer-Landau (I believe), that I think you might enjoy having a look at. It’s about $40 U.S. dollars from, but I should think some colleges, libraries, and etc. might be using it by now.

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