On Venusian Cloud Colony Number Nine: UPDATE

Unfortunately, the promised new installment will not be ready on time.  I will endeavour to make the delay as short as possible.

When putting Barney and the team on the Venusian surface scouting for diamonds, I wanted to make sure a plausible explanation of how they survived was possible.  Every time I think I have a plausible reason, another factor came into play.

As penance, I will give a small hint on what the central plot point will be going forward.  Kudos to Wikipedia for the info:

Primitive interstellar meteorites were found to contain carbon possibly in the form of diamond.  Not all diamonds found on Earth originated here. A type of diamond called Carbonado that is found in South America and Africa may have been deposited there via an asteroid impact (not formed from the impact) about 3 billion years ago. These diamonds may have formed in the intrastellar environment, but as of 2008, there was no scientific consensus on how Carbonado diamonds originated.

Diamonds can also form under other naturally occurring high-pressure conditions. Very small diamonds of micrometer and nanometer sizes, known as microdiamonds or nanodiamonds respectively, have been found in meteorite impact craters. Such impact events create shock zones of high pressure and temperature suitable for diamond formation.


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