Story World Focus, Real-World Research and Game World Feel

As mentioned in the last post, I am now writing Chapter 4.  Having completed Scene 1, the realisation has hit that I know next to nothing about agriculture as a whole.  The set aim of writing 1000 words a day is being defeated by the need for research.  You can research what sorts of foods are grown in an area, but that is all well and good if the current locale has bounteous supply of the materials for it.  When your planned city is surrounded by mountains and deserts for close to five hundred miles in every direction, you need to know a bit about agriculture and how you could possibly make that city exist.

So, first things first… let’s go and do some research on soil.  The lengths one must go to to ensure that there are no gaping holes in the mechanics of their story world.

– X –

An unfortunate side effect of my old thumb drive refusing to work was losing research on the companies I had applied to for a job.  I had a phone interview for a job back in November, and I had downloaded annual reports and written down notes to prepare.  Unfortunately, I did not get considered for the role past that phone interview.  I kept my typed up notes on my old thumb drive, and threw out the written notes.  Step forward two months, and another role appears with the same company.  Applied for it, had another brief phone interview but this time managed to make to the next stage of interviews.  Here is hoping it goes well, because the company sounds awesome and the medium- to long-term opportunities with them are just as good =)

All I need to do is do all that research again!  Aagh!

– X –

A trio of games I have played in the past are the Metroid Prime games.  After a combined 40 hours of playing, I have almost completed the final game.  The feeling of playing the games is peculiar, as the first two were designed so the protagonist is going solo into a foreign planet to defeat the bad guys.  But the third… there is interaction with fleet commanders, soldiers and other bounty hunters as well as the bad guys.  It gives a much greater gravity to your actions, as you can see that these bad guys exist outside the planets you visited in the first two games, and they will go attack the rest of the universe if they stop you.

Basically, I feel more scared playing the third game than I ever did playing the first two.

– X –

Back to researching soil… it is actually quite interesting.  I must be weird =P


5 thoughts on “Story World Focus, Real-World Research and Game World Feel

  1. It’s awful to lose files. I have files stored in sometimes five places at once, which is a bit overkill. But, maybe this craziness is because I have lost stuff in the past and don’t want a repeat of it. I actually lost an entire novel (well, it may’ve not been novel length, but it wasn’t that short, either) I wrote once. It likely wasn’t good, but still. Now all long stories I write are written on paper first. I trust paper. As long as they don’t randomly catch on fire.

    I love the “Metroid Prime” series. The third is my favorite, but that might be because I love the controls. The second is my least favorite. It’s hard. But, I originally had trouble getting through the first one, also. I’m a bit afraid of doing hard mode. I don’t know if I can get through that.

    • Five different places to save? It is understandable, as it is tempting fate to save to two spots. I had saved my work on a backup thumb drive every2 weeks, but the standard thumb drive dying fell in between a back up, so I lost the first part of Chapter 3. It’s all rewritten now, so it’s all good.

      Lost a whole novel? Sorry to hear, that would have been terrible.

      Absolutely right! Echoes was a total posterior irritation, especially the Boost Ball guardian. I am up to where you can travel to the Phazon homeworld in Corruption, but am scared since it pwned me so much on my first 30 attempts =\

      • Oh, my gosh, I forgot all about the Boost Ball guardian! That was horrid! I gave up on the game before I got to that point because it got too hard. Then, on my second try, I got to that thing. I don’t remember it super well, but I do remember it was just plain awful. That boss you fight underwater caused me tons of trouble, too.

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