Writing Goals, Intriguing Ideas and Reading List Revamps


‘The Legacy’ by R.A.  Salvatore (Book 8 of the ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series)


A very enjoyable read, as is the standard from Mr.  Salvatore.  It provided an enjoyable tale, planted new ideas for the ongoing series, while also linking back to past events.


‘The Gold of Cuzco’ by A.B. Daniel (Book 2 in the ‘Inca’ series)

– – – – –

It is a full week into the new year, and I have kept to my 1000 words a day so far.  I have finally managed to complete a first draft of Chapter 3 of my big project.  As this has blocked my progress for a considerable amount of time, I am indulging in a slight sense of accomplishment.  Now it is on to Chapter 4, and to the family looking after the agricultural side of things.

– X –

One of the ideas that interests me greatly is evolution.  The concept has the almost impossible task of trying to explain how we came to be what we are today.  A favourite rebuff to any person making a pointed observation of something’s bad aspects is to ‘blame it on evolution’.  The decisions of our ancestors made all those years ago played a small part in the ongoing task of improving the species.  Looking through Wikipedia landed me on a section entitled ‘Evolutionary Psychology’, and it provided a most straight-to-the-point description of what those in the field believe.  It states that ‘much of human behavior is the output of psychological adaptations that evolved to solve recurrent problems in human ancestral environments’.  There is so much possibility in such an idea for any aspiring writer to work with, it is amazing.

– X –

Due to my reading aims from my previous post, the Excel spread sheet containing my past and future reading list needed to be realigned.  Having done so, I have found that I would not need to buy another book for the rest of the year.  There are 23 books in my bookshelf to be read, which would require a record-beating year of book reading to cover in one year.  Mix that in with a day job, my writing, and other real-world items, it is extremely unlikely that such a lofty ambition will be realised.  However, I do so love the look of a stocked bookcase, and try to support the local bookstore.

So, the revised list of book purchases this year are:

‘A Memory of Light’ by Brandon Sanderson (The final Wheel of Time book… hard to believe it’s finally here!)

‘The Silent Blade’ by R.A Salvatore (Book 11 of the ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series)

‘The Spine of the World’ by R.A Salvatore (Book 12 of the ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series)

‘Sea of Swords’ by R.A Salvatore (You guessed it! Book 13 of the ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series)

‘Fractions:  The First Half of the Fall Revolution’ by Ken MacLeod

‘Divisions:  The Second Half of the Fall Revolution’ by Ken MacLeod

‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline

‘Glasshouse’ by Charles Stross

‘He Walked Among Us’ by Norman Spinrad


4 thoughts on “Writing Goals, Intriguing Ideas and Reading List Revamps

  1. Congratulations with the success on your main project. And I have a question: do you keep all your books after you read them (the way I am almost unable to let go of a book once it gets into my greedy little hands) or does your bookstore take exchanges for other used books they may have to sell? That’s certainly a way you could get more books read.

    • Haha, the house would be like a book hoarders paradise if my wife and I kept all our books =P

      We take what we’ve read to a semi-local book exchange, unless there is a very good reason to keep them. I keep any book related to my research, or any series book until the series is completed.

      I hope all is going well with you =)

  2. Reading is one of the trickiest things to fit into my schedule. Important and enjoyable, but tricky to balance – especially when you find a good book that’s tough to put down.

    • It definitely is, especially when the kiddies are in your face all day during school holidays.

      I was able to rack up a large number of reads last year due to my previous job involving public transport into the city. And there were some books that were hard to put down, so much so it was reading 100+ pages a day =)

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