Planned Reading and Recommendation Request

Three days into the New Year, and I have managed 5.5 pages.  The thing tripping me up with writing is the layout of the Bazaar the character is walking through.  Instead of writing, a hour or so was spent drawing the main city layout to see where the main pathways cut through the market.  But, once that is clarified, I am finally at the point where the story can flow on easily.

The rest of this post is digressive, but please indulge me =)

As mentioned in my previous post, I am trying to get some different genres in my reading.  When it comes to science fiction, it seems that I am highly biased towards Philip K Dick.  I was fascinated by the ‘Total Recall’ movie when I was younger, and that moved to ‘Blade Runner’ and my later buying a five volume collection of his short stories.  That also influenced my picking up a three-book series by Joel Shepherd, focused on a character named Cassandra Kresnov.  The three books in their order are ‘Crossover’, ‘Breakaway’ and ‘Killswitch’.  If you are a fan of the Blade Runner dystopian feel, the series keeps it well as well as mixing in an Asian feel.

I searched the international network for some suggestions.  I found some stories by authors previously read, new authors who have won numerous awards, some well-known authors, and some that sound interesting.

As I am allowed to buy one book a month (once I have a job), below is the current list of 12 books I plan to procure and read:

‘He Walked Among Us’ by Norman Spinrad    (I read another book of his called ‘The Druid King’, which followed the life of Vercingetorix.  All who have read the ‘Asterix’ series would know who that is.)

‘Cosmonaut Keep’ by Ken MacLeod

‘Dark Light’ by Ken MacLeod

‘Engine City’ by Ken MacLeod

‘Ready Player One’ by Ernest Cline  (the 2012 Prometheus Award winning novel)

‘Glasshouse’ by Charles Stross  (the 2007 Prometheus Award winning novel)

‘Cybernetic Samurai’ by Victor Milan  (The 1986 Prometheus Award winning novel.  As the Tokugawa Shogunate played a supporting role in my ‘Mune and Mura’ short story, this tickled my fancy.)

‘Cybernetic Shogun’ by Victor Milan  (The sequel to the above.)


The books below are separate stories, but they are paired up in books called ‘Fractions’ and ‘Divisions’.  So, I can cheat and get 2 books for the price of 1.  Huzzah!


‘The Star Fraction’ by Ken MacLeod

‘The Stone Canal’ by Ken MacLeod

‘The Cassini Division’ by Ken MacLeod

‘The Sky Road’ by Ken MacLeod


Any person who reads my blogs who are well-read in the sci-fi genre, I would love some suggestions for any titles they’ve read that were written in the last 10-25 years.  When 7 of 12 books are by one author, a bit more variety may be needed =)


4 thoughts on “Planned Reading and Recommendation Request

  1. I think Andre Norton may be a little further back in time, but anything by her is great. She wrote one great novel in which mankind has perished and a race of talking, human-level-intelligent cats is around, making a life amidst the ruins of the earth. Sorry, I can’t think of the title.

      • Sorry to go off-topic, but mention of the world having gone to the litter tray got me tickled and also reminded me of something I wish you had been able to see before it disappeared. There used to be a game on the internet called “Translation Party,” and you would go and type in a sentence or part of a phrase or clause or a line of poetry in English, and it would translate it back and forth a bunch of times between English and Japanese until the whole thing was (usually) something absolutely hilarious. Unfortunately, Translation Party has now been subsumed into Google Translator and is no longer for fun but has a serious purpose, and when you type in “” now you just get a blank page. But what got me started on this long verbal detour was the fact that I wanted to tell you that one very idiomatic sentence in English, which one would think would come out haywire in Japanese, actually came out in Japanese and back into English exactly the same: “The world is going to hell in a handbasket.” Handbasket, litter tray, you see what I mean?

      • The translator version of ‘Chinese Whispers’? That would have been amusing indeed, as some words exist in one language only and the ‘best fit’ mentality comes into play =)

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