New Year, New Resolutions and New Goals

Happy New Year everyone!  What better to bring in the new year than with your 100th WordPress post?

As optimism is the rule of the day, it is time to set out some resolutions for the year.  The first two will be real-world focused.

1)            Get a job.

2)            Get a gym membership.


When it comes to reading and writing:

3)            Find a new genre to read, as Fantasy has dominated my booklist for the last three years.  Thinking about finding some new Science Fiction authors, or building up the History (Fiction and Non-Fiction) section.

4)            Apply some discipline and focus in writing 1000 words a day.  I managed to write 3 pages in the last 3 days, but knowing what I want to write but not being able to has meant my self-doubt has been attacking my discipline.

5)            Finish at least one short story in each of my three genres:  Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, and Fantasy.  It is interesting that my reading list is dominated by Fantasy (50% of total books), yet it is the one I struggle most with.  I think it is because of seeing so many genre staples (dragons, medieval setting) so often, it is hard to find something new.  A fantasy novel in modern times, maybe?


And the most optimistic resolution of all!

6)            Have a first draft of ‘Path of Prophecy’ completed.  Even if it’s sandpaper rough, it will be done!


3 thoughts on “New Year, New Resolutions and New Goals

  1. What I would love to do this year is finish issue 1 of my comic. I’m nearly done with page 3. Out of 32. May not be able to do it. But, that’s my main goal for this year.

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