Greed and Charity

After far too long, some more of Chapter 3 for PoP has been written.  Unfortunately it was only 630 words, but it is a start towards a steady momentum.  The bit has got me back into study of Middle Ages water distribution systems.  But, more importantly, it has helped me clarify the positioning of the family Houses in the city layout, so now it will be easier to describe main pathways and where the characters are moving to and from.

I have updated my Category names slightly, due to my regular referrals to Book 1 as PoP.  Each Book now has its initials, such as Book 2 now showing PoK.  During the update, WordPress noted that the only Books that had not been categorised in any posts were Books 5 (PoA) and 6 (PoR).  Book 5 I cannot refer to, as it would reveal the ‘Game Changer’ component of the saga.  Book 6 I can give a small teaser for; tribes with the colours Azure, Vermilion, White, Black and Yellow.

I have a couple of thank yous to give out.  Firstly to DuckofIndeed, who is taking the time to create cover art for ‘Mune and Mura’.  To do such a thing for a complete stranger is extremely generous.  The second round goes to Emma McCoy, for her latest post which provided a character study template.  This has already helped me iron out some aspects of two main characters =)



1) (n) excessive or rapacious desire, especially for wealth or possessions.

The definition’s focus on desire is good, as a desire for recognition can be considered a form of greed.  The character with this vice will be introduced in the first five chapters of PoP.  This vice will come to define the character over time, but will not be apparent in the beginning.  Their inspiration would give away why this vice would exist at all, so that’s hush hush for the moment 😉



1) (n) Generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless.

2) (n) Something given to a person or persons in need; alms.

3) (n) Benevolent feeling, especially toward those in need or in disfavour.

This character is currently one of four main characters scheduled to make their debuts in Book 2 (PoK), alongside Patience, Envy and Pride.  The pacing of introducing main characters is the hardest part to balance, as there are six introduced in PoP, four in PoK, two in PoD, and two will be ‘hidden’ throughout the story.

The character’s name will immediately give away who inspired them, but it was fitting.  Definition 1 is the closest to how I envisage them, with a greater focus on the ill aspect.  They will share a strong bond with Patience, through the sharing of a life-changing event… though they were on opposite sides in the conflict.

What do you view as the definitive idea of Charity?


2 thoughts on “Greed and Charity

  1. About the thank you, you’re welcome. I’m happy to make the cover.

    Simply put, when I think of charity, I think of someone who gives everything to others, while a greedy person wants everything for themselves. (When referring to greed, I like to use the word avarice. It makes me feel smart.)

    • I agree with your assessment of charity, but such people are few and far between. Everyone needs to have a sense of self, as vindicating yourself by giving everything for others can build up to an explosion of selfishness.

      Avarice sits in my head as a word to use, but I am trying to find the balance between smarty-pants words and KISS words. I doubt many readers read with a dictionary handy these days (they have an app for that! haha)

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