Lust and Chastity

Lust and Chastity


‘The Well of Ascension’ by Brandon Sanderson (Book 2 of ‘Mistborn’ Series)


One word to vastly understate it:  AWESOME!  It is taking every bit of willpower I have to not break my booklist sequence and go straight to the final book in the trilogy.  Read the series, should you have the opportunity.


‘The Pillars Of The Earth’ by Ken Follett

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As promised in the last post, the next seven posts will be a discussion and comparative of the Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Heavenly Virtues.   There shall be a definition, as provided by  As there can be many definitions, ranging from adjective to noun, I will focus on those that I aim to channel into the relevant character.



1) (n) A passionate or overmastering desire or craving

2) (n) Ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish.

To work this into the story, the character had to be a lady.  Guys lust all the time, while the ladies are perceived to be able to control this urge.  The focus will not be on sexuality, as that is what Mills and Boon (and ’50 Shades’) is for.  A lady with a lust for power is hardly anything new, so the kick can come from what sort of world she is based in.  It is hard to find a way to address the issue without falling into the arena of cliché, and therefore you need to find a way to spin said cliché into a new perspective.  Luckily, I found a way to do so from an ancient Middle Eastern story, and also found a further use in this tale to build another character who will appear later in the series.

How would you spin this vice into a character?  Would you focus more on the sexual aspect or the mental aspect?



1) (n) Free from obscenity; decent.

2) (a) Pure; unsullied; undefiled.

3) (a) Without admixture, alloy, or modification

4) (a) Without experience of; not previously exposed to.

This character is also going to be a lady, but where she lands in the greater storyline is still in the works.  Needless to say, it will not be Book 1.  I currently reveal her at the end of Book 6, though I had a vivid dream of her in a scenario from Book 5.  I imagine her as a mix of definitions 2 and 4.  It is very easy to be pure when you are not placed in a challenging environment, where you can see if a theory holds up in the real world.  I plan to have the character be exceedingly knowledgeable, but it is another story when they are standing in the frontline.

How would you epitomise this virtue in a character?  How do you personify chastity?


2 thoughts on “Lust and Chastity

  1. I don’t know if I’m much help, but here’s my little ideas. For lust, I would go with the mental aspect. I find that more interesting. I don’t know exactly how you make it into a character that hasn’t been done before, though. She can always lust after something else that people wouldn’t normally think of.

    For chastity, I always think of innocence and purity. I like your idea that she was not exposed to bad things originally. A character that is like that, I wonder if she even knows between right or wrong. She could get into trouble without realizing it, if she’s been too sheltered before. That’s all I can think of for now.

    • She will have the cliche lust for power. Being a lady in a story world always has this stereotype, though I will avoid the Cersei Lannister type. The spin will be in why she has the lust in the first place.

      The chastity idea I am thinking of, which probably is not new, is being knowledgeable but not world-wise. It is one thing to know what to do because of study, but doing so in the real world is the much harder thing =)

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