One world interrupts another!

To the very small surprise of that man living under a rock in Estonia, the events of the real world are causing massive disruption to the establishment of my story world.

I have finally had some interviews for jobs, after a 2-3 month lull in them.  The hope is that I have one ready to go for January, and I can get back to feeling financially productive.  The research time I dedicate to my stories has instead been focused on company research.  The aim is that, once a job starting date is secured, I can share the time before then between some online courses to increase my job skills and getting back into ‘Path of Prophecy’.

As an exercise, I would like to get some feedback on underlying ideas that I am thinking of using in my story.  When one writes in a vacuum, relying on Wikipedia for information, the odds are that perspective can be skewed.

I shall start the exercise on the next post.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, I aim to make use of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Seven Heavenly Virtues.  I shall discuss the opposing pairs and how I look to use them, and you can tell me what a load of bollocks my ideas are or if they have merit.

Now, back to company research…


4 thoughts on “One world interrupts another!

  1. Good luck with all your projects–I doubt if any of them are absolute bollocks, I imagine you’re just being (blush! blush!) modest. I too have recently had a breakthrough–after a long time of not being able to budge the characters in my WIP past their next dialogue line, I got them talking to each other again last night. Not that they’re not talking hooey some of the time, but at least they’re talking!

    • Congrats on the breakthrough with your writing =) Talking hooey is a good thing, as random, stream of consciousness banter can yield some intriguing ideas.

      Modesty is a good thing, right? But in moderation, of course =P

  2. I already like your idea. I always found the Seven Deadly Sins to be an interesting topic (for inspiration in wiritng or drawing, not in practicing, of course), and I like things that involve opposites.

    • I found it terribly convenient because I have seven characters on each side of the spectrum, and such vices and virtues are something that everyone can relate to. If readers cannot relate to your characters, the greater story will never work.

      Put the characters in each side of the spectrum, and let them fight in the hues of grey in between =P

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