Brainstorming, Story Thoughts, New High Score!, and other random stuff

Having read ‘The Well of Ascension’ for four days, I have read 277 of its 763 pages.  Brandon Sanderson has become one of my favourite authors, as his writing style is enviously smooth.

Trying to be efficient and find a way to use discarded research from my big project.  I am thinking of using them for short stories.  Some of the ideas could be construed as going to the well once too often, as some ideas are variations on ideas for my big project.  The main one is the country inspiring ‘Path of Prophecy’, which I tweaked for my story’s purposes.  The country’s real situation was a three-way battle for power amongst the ruling dynasty, but for PoP I made it a united country with mysterious mobilisations outside its borders.

Did some token research for other turns of the millennium, and I found seven ideas to use from around 0 AD to around 1000 AD.  There was not a lot of history to work with from 1000 BC, unsurprisingly.  I am thinking of a series of short stories entitled ‘The Millennium Battles’, or some other somewhat epic series name.  My planned second short story, ‘Varsurya the Second’, is based in the 1100’s, so it’s somewhat out of sync with the timeframe link.

Eight more short stories to join ‘Mune and Mura’?  ‘The Collected Works of djkeyserv140’ may not be a pipe dream after all =P

Logged in today, and the WordPress black bar at the top had little white flakes raining down.  Nice little winter effect for the Northern Hemispherians =)

Yesterday my view count was 15, which topped my previous highest daily views by 1 view.  And today the view count is 16!  Thank you to all my US readers for visiting my humble site =)


2 thoughts on “Brainstorming, Story Thoughts, New High Score!, and other random stuff

    • I am trying to get back into ‘Path of Prophecy’, but the real world is doing its groove thing. When I have some decent information about what’s going on, I will be sure to type up a post. I hope all is well with you, and the Christmas preparations are ticking along in a timely manner =)

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