And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging


‘A Shadow In Summer’ by Daniel Abraham (Book 1 of ‘Long Price’ Series)


Though short at around 300 pages, I found it hard to get into.  I cannot say whether it was due to external factors.  I read half of it in two days, stopped reading it for two weeks, then finished off the last half in 2 days.  Reading the second book will decide my feelings I believe.


‘Krondor: Tear of the Gods’ by Raymond E.  Feist (Book 3 of ‘Krondor’ Series)


As opposed to the book above, 372 pages read in 9 days.  REF’s style flows really well, and doesn’t seem like a struggle to read, which is why I admire his style of writing.  Only thing that put me off was the appearance of vampires, but it’s a small complaint.


‘The Well of Ascension’ by Brandon Sanderson (Book 2 of ‘Mistborn’ Series)

– – – – –

And there went November…

I managed to churn out a 64 page short story entitled ‘Mune and Mura’, which you probably have seen popping up on your WordPress Reader every day for the past month.  Again, my thanks to anyone who has taken the time to read it regularly, and I hope you enjoyed it.

One of the aspects of the story that helped me keep a cracking pace was the considerably less time involved in studying setting.  Many people have a generalised knowledge of the buildings in Japan, so it is easier to overlook setting description and let the reader fill in the gaps.  Secondly, only needing to type 1000 words per scene, as opposed to the 4000 words I am aiming for in the ‘Path’ series, makes it easier to not get bogged down.

Still looking for a job, but prospects have increased considerably leading to Christmas.  I hope to have a job that (at worst) starts in the New Year, so I have the necessary long-term funding to convince the wife to let me get a Wii U, the new Nintendo console.

Going forward, the focus will be getting back into a 3-day blogging cycle, and back into writing ‘Path of Prophecy’.  I can start writing again at either Chapter 3 Scene 2 or Chapter 7 Scene 2, and a reasonable amount of choice is always a good thing =)

I have also had an idea for another short story, which I will entertain as a January project.  Titled ‘Varsurya the Second’, it is based in early 12th century South East Asia, and follows the story of a teenager with ambitions of greater power and leaving a timeless legacy behind him.  Stay tuned =)


4 thoughts on “And now, back to our regularly scheduled blogging

  1. Good luck on finding a job soon. Most importantly, so you can buy a Wii U. I have my hands full with a lovely PS3, so the Wii U won’t be entering my house for some time. But, I do see it in my future. I never pass up a Nintendo console.

    You’re quite the reader. I’m bad about reading. I’d rather write than read, even though they say that you must read a lot to write well. Can’t reading my own writing count?

    • It is likely to your benefit to wait for a Wii U. Not everyone is sold on the idea of it, so waiting for a really good game to come out before you get the console is prudent. I’ve been indoctrinated since I was 7 to be a Nintendite, so the drooling commenced once I saw the Wii U ads =P

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