Mune and Mura: Intermission 5

Hidetoyo’s forces in Korea quickly overran their opponents, taking control of their capital Seoul.  After half a year of fighting and the Japanese pushing to conquer further lands, the Chinese joined the conflict in aid of the Koreans.  Though it took over a year to do so, the Chinese defeated Hidetoyo and his forces, making them leave Seoul.

The next two years would be spent with Hidetoyo’s representatives negotiating the terms of the peace deal with the Chinese Emperor.  Token forces from each side remained in Korea during this time.

During this time, the issue of who would succeed Hidetoyo became a complicated affair.  His only son died at a young age, and Hidetoyo’s half-brother was named successor.  The half-brother died not long after, so Hidetoyo adopted his nephew Toyosugu and named him the new inheritor of the realm.  When his wife unexpectedly had a son the following year, Hidetoyo forced Toyosugu to commit suicide in order to pass the successorship to his newborn.  The events caused those in Japan to question if Hidetoyo’s family should continue to rule, and the foundations of alliances began to crumble.  The people began to consider Yasugawa, who had been an advisor to Hidetoyo, as an alternative.

With Mura’s blessing, Mune presented the weapon created with the knowledge of the scrolls to Hidetoyo.  The Daimyo of Japan was amazed by the worksmanship, and the weapon became renowned.  The fame that followed Mune caused Mura to become bitter, as he had found the information yet not been able to use it.  In a show of good faith, Mune made copies of all the scrolls and gave the originals back to his friend.  Mura left his forge one night with only the chest of scrolls, never to return.

The peace negotiations seem to be heading for failure, and Mune has had a flood of requests for his famous weapons.  While he struggles with the newfound fame and demand, another continues in their jealous attempts to prove themselves the better man…

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