Mune and Mura: Intermission 4

Having found his long-lost friend, Mune stayed in Kyoto to spend time with Mura.  He was told how Mura awoke from unconsciousness in Nobuoda’s burning room, and through blinding pain managed to run through the flames and escape.  Mura fled from the city, and passed out from the pain of his burns in the village that they had duelled in.  The residents helped him slowly recover from his injuries, though the scars would never disappear.

Once he had recovered, he returned to Kyoto and begged Nagahei for a job.  The forge owner grew to respect the badly burned and one-handed man, and made for a special gauntlet to assist his forging.  He became Nagahei’s first apprentice, and played a large part in the quality of swords that found the notice of Yasugawa.

Between them, Hidetoyo and Yasugawa held the allegiances of all but one Province.  The two Daimyo united for a time in an unusual alliance, with the intention to defeat the warrior clan in the eastern lands of Sagami Province.  Though distrust remained from the battle where Yasugawa tried to defeat Hidetoyo using Nobuoda’s remaining armies, the two agreed to siege the Province in order to clear the path for the eventual Shogun.  With their combined strength, the pair handily defeated the warriors of Sagami Province.

By virtue of having a larger number army, Hidetoyo became the recognised Daimyo of Japan.  In a show of good faith, he and Yasugawa agreed on two significant terms.  Hidetoyo granted Yasugawa the Kanto provinces they had conquered together, in return for Yasugawa handing over the control of his current lands to Hidetoyo.  Yasugawa’s request that a road be constructed between Kyoto and Edo, his newly designated hometown, was granted.  It was agreed that it was essential for the future unity and prosperity of the whole country.

With his control of Japan recognised, Hidetoyo set his sights on a conquest he hoped would define his legacy.  He had been establishing diplomatic relations with his Korean neighbours, with the long-term aim of conquering China.  With Hidetoyo’s focus away from Japan, Yasugawa opted to remain in his new lands, looking to strengthen them for the future.

With the construction of the Tokaido between Kyoto and Edo, Yasugawa requested that Nagahei establish a forge in Edo, and serve him as his official weapons supplier. Nagahei granted Mura the Kyoto forge.  At the request of Hidetoyo, Mune established his own forge in Kyoto …


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