Mune and Mura: Intermission 3

The news of Daimyo Nobuoda’s demise, and the complete destruction of the Honno-ji temple, travelled quickly across Japan.

When the news reached Bizen, Hidetoyo revealed to Mune that he was one of Nobuoda’s major generals.  The general rallied allies from the Kansai and Chugoku Regions, and they made their way to Kyoto.  Mune fought alongside Hidetoyo in the fight against Mitsaki and the forces he had absorbed from Nobuoda, but Hidetoyo was able to earn the victory.

With their leader dead, Nobuoda’s two generals set their sights either side of Kyoto.  Hidetoyo moved to consolidate his power in the West, while Yasugawa did the same in the East.  Both share their mentor’s ambition of uniting Japan under one true Shogun.

True to his word, Hidetoyo appointed Mune as ambassador to the Bizen forges.  The young warrior came to appreciate the art of sword-making, and took up the craft himself.  He proved to have a true talent, and his blades became the preference of Hidetoyo.

Yasugawa, unhappy with the quality of his army’s weapons, searches the Eastern Regions for a new supplier.

Learning that his opponent has chosen a new supplier, Hidetoyo requests that Mune investigate this newly famous weapons maker in Kyoto.  Mune visits many places along his journey, learning more of the art of sword making, and secretly hoping to hear news of a lost friend…


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