Mune and Mura: Intermission 2

Having won his first Challenge Tournament, Mura earned his entry into the top rankings of students.  His social standing amongst the students rose, and he was no longer seen as the troublemaker he had been in the past.

The final two years of their training at the Castle passed, with both Mune and Mura maintaining their top rankings.  To Mura’s surprise, the three roommates who had tormented him so over the years did become motivated in those years, and made their way up the rankings.

At their graduation, all five of the roommates were recruited into the Himeji Army.  They were immediately thrown into battle.  From the Chubu Region to the east, a coalition of armies are led by the powerful Daimyo  Nobuoda.  Wishing to unite Japan, he is leading his forces west into Kansai Region.

Mura leads a force to the north-east of the Kansai Region, believing that Nobuoda is residing in the area’s main city, Kyoto.  If the leader of the Chubu army can be defeated, it is hoped that their push into Kansai can be repelled.

Mune, in the meantime, is heading west as part of an expedition to the Chugoku Region.  A long-term guest of the Shogun of Himeji Castle, a warrior from the east named Hidetoyo, has helped improve Kansai Region’s military reserves and advised on how to best defend its borders.

The events of this time will lead the two boys, who have now become men, into fateful events that will affect their futures in unimaginable ways.  But the changes will extend far beyond themselves…

– X –


2 thoughts on “Mune and Mura: Intermission 2

  1. I don’t know if this is a practical suggestion or not, because I myself wouldn’t know how to put up a map of any land I might be writing about, but I just wonder if a map of ancient Japan might not be of interest to your readers with this tale. What do you think? Practical, doable, or not?

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