We interrupt this story for a brief bulletin

Congratulations to Barack Obama on retaining his CIC designation, and I hope that the deadlocking of previous years can be put aside and a focus made of getting the US economy back on track through bipartisan means.

Thank you to everyone who has visited my humble WordPress account to read ‘Mune and Mura’.  I appreciate you taking the time to read it, as it has helped me stay motivated.

While the inspiration of my story has been 16th century Japan, it has not been completely faithful to true events.  This will change with Chapter 3, which will be inspired by one of the most important events of the era (End of the Sengoku Period). The aftermath of this will lead to the defining moments of our main characters.

I hope my story will maintain your interest going forward.

Once the story is completed, would a blurb on the myth and legens that inspired it be of interest?


One thought on “We interrupt this story for a brief bulletin

  1. Hi, again! Speaking for myself and my immediate family, all of whom voted for President Obama this second time around too, I would like to thank you for your kind congratulations and good wishes. As to your story, it has been no hardship at all and a great pleasure to read; and again speaking for myself as a reader but imagining that many others of your readers feel the same, I definitely feel that a background myths and legends behind the story post would be of great interest. You are a good friend, David, and I think you present a good example to writers of learning what to write from reality into fiction.

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