We interrupt this interruption in regular blogging for a regular blog!


The Puma’s Shadow’ by A.B.  Daniel (Book 1 of ‘Incas’ Series)


Another read that was hard to put down.  The only issue I had was that some of the language used in some sections seemed out of place.  Describing buildings of the Inca as ‘Arabesque’ when the chapter is not from the Spanish perspective?  And the Inca knew what cortege is?


‘A Shadow In Summer’ by Daniel Abraham (Book 1 of ‘Long Price’ Series)

It seems that my reading is back on the breakneck pace I have not seen for many a month.  Five books read in 31 days…  Wow!

Getting out of my main story to focus on a smaller one seems to be getting the creative juices flowing, thankfully.  The idea for the story came to me when my son decided he had to have the school-age kids cartoons on.  A show I had heard of, but not ever watched, was on.  The show is called Beyblade:  Metal Masters, and one of the character’s names rang a bell from some research I did for a story some time ago.  To top that off, an article on a website I regularly visit ranked the top 25 Nintendo Wii games.  One of the games discussed was subtitled ‘The Demon Blade’, with the main name another name that rang a bell from the previously mentioned research.

Knowing that the two names are strongly linked in Japanese folklore, putting the two together was an easy thing.  The story bends reality somewhat, as the two men existed several centuries apart from each other.  But who lets the truth get in the way of a (hopefully) good story, right?

Still contemplating if the story should stay at five chapters (20 day limit to complete) or should expand to seven chapters (30 day limit).  I guess I shall know by the end of Chapter 3 if extra space is needed, though I suspect it will be needed due to the story covering a significant length of the main characters’ lives.

Thank you to shadowoperator and Emma McCoy for your encouraging words =)


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