Booklist Analysis and Motivation Evaporation

JUST FINISHED  :               ‘The Halfling’s Gem’ by R.A.  Salvatore (Book 6 of Legend of Drizzt)

VERDICT               :               A great read that is hard to put down.

JUST STARTED   :               ‘The Puma’s Shadow’ by A.B.  Daniel (Book 1 of ‘Incas’ Series)

I keep an Excel spreadsheet that has tracked almost every book I’ve read since the end of 2008.  The number of books I’ve read is up to 67 (It is actually 68, but the missing book was read in one day and I forget what day that was).  For interest’s sake, I did a COUNTIF on the genre of the read books.  To the surprise of no-one, just over two thirds of what I read is Fantasy (46 of 67).  After that is Science Fiction (7 of 67), but I have not read that genre since January 2012, which is a big gap.

The one genre that will be getting a BIG kick in the pants on my list is Historical Fiction (5 of 67).  The book I’ve just started is in that genre, and there are 9 other books listed for the future.  The Inca series I am reading because of my childhood interest in the Inca and Aztec cultures, thanks to my dad religiously taping a cartoon series called ‘The Mysterious Cities of Gold’.  Not only a great cartoon, but provided an insight into the history of the Inca.

I have completed a first draft of Chapter 7 Scene 2, and was psyched for Scene 3… but motivation has vanished.  I am not sure why, as this scene was to be important for a main character.  I think it is somewhat due to a piece of information to be revealed in Chapter 3, which becomes relevant in Chapter 7.  Since I have not written the required part in Chapter 3, my brain is secretly forbidding me to write the Chapter 7 section.

Due to my sudden bouts of procrastination, I will try and write some short stories (5 Chapters or less).  While this was attempted previously to try and flesh out ideas, it was not too successful.  Now I am hoping to use it to keep my flow of ideas going, and hopefully work on improving my writing style.

I will also use this task as a mini-tribute to my blogging friends currently preparing for NaNoWriMo.  Good luck to all those who are taking the challenge =)

Now, first story…  “Mune and Mura”, two boys trained to be warriors in Japan, both of equally prodigious ability, but move to the opposite sides of the motivation slider (Thanks Nicolite!).  The two names share a missing component, which relates to master swordmakers.  Any guesses?

Well, down to the writing…


2 thoughts on “Booklist Analysis and Motivation Evaporation

  1. I’m surprised that as well as you seem to work and that as good as you seem to be at scheduling and keeping on track that you didn’t decide to participate in NaNoWriMo. Oh well, there’s always next year! Good luck on the short stories and the novel both.

    • I would have, but the issue is how I can be all fired up and rearing to go… then my motivation evaporates like water on a 100 degree F day =P

      But I have better hopes for my short story than my epic at the moment =) A break from ‘EpicWorld’ will hopefully reinvigorate me.

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