Finding that one little bit of information…

JUST FINISHED  :               ‘Periar Council of Prime’ by Jackson Lee Brown

VERDICT               :               An enjoyable read, despite needing some polish.

JUST STARTED   :               ‘The Halfling’s Gem’ by R.A.  Salvatore (Book 6 of Legend of Drizzt)

Have stalled a bit again at Chapter 7 Scene 2, but that is mainly by not having to time to exclusively focus on it.  Looking for jobs tends to distract you, but at least there’s promise on that horizon =)

The first five chapters of Book 1 involve teams of delegates arriving to the country’s main city after some time away in other important cities.  The one question that kept bugging me was “How long did they take to get here?”.  The distances to these cities, and the landscape between there and the main city, have been known for a long time.  It is an important piece of information, since other characters will travel one of these paths in the third quarter of the story.

A series I taped a while ago remains on the recorder, as the information for my story that it contains is beyond awesome.  I focused on Episodes 3 and 4, as they are the most pertinent to the story.  I decided to watch Episode 5 for some reason this morning.  The cities it speaks of inspire mine, but it is based 200 years or so after my planned setting.  But early on in the episode, it said exactly what I needed to hear:

“Caravanserais were spaced 30 to 40 kilometres apart, the equivalent of a day’s travel.”

Cue girly squeal of glee.

I now have a basis for the timing of moving around my world.  It will have to be manipulated, if only to make the story flow nicely.

It is amazing how just one seemingly insignificant kernel of information can unlock something much greater =)


2 thoughts on “Finding that one little bit of information…

  1. One thing you could do too in order to make your research about the caravanserais live in fictional “time” for the reader is perhaps to pick a character in one of the caravans, give a bit of his/her history, and follow him into the center. Obviously, you’d want to make it a character who was going to be important later on too. But probably you’ve already done or thought of this.

    • Thanks for the feedback =)

      I am working in reverse to your suggestion, actually. Supporting or bit part characters are laying the groundwork in the first quarter of Book 1 (Chapters 1 through 5), which will build towards some main characters making a trek out of the city in the third quarter of the book.

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