Progress and an Abundance of Inspiration

Another scene has finally been written.  It is a relief after being stuck in what to go with Chapter 3.  GRRM’s piece of information proved correct; inspiration never hits in chronological order, and you should ‘follow its needs’ when it does.

Chapter 7 Scene 1 proved very helpful in visualising the world, and also its people.  One of the children’s DVDs gave me inspiration for a character’s clothing, which if I described it correctly will give the reader a ‘subtle hint’ to the character’s currently undisclosed homeland.

The presence of a shared meal in the scene was also enlightening, as it lead me back to Wikipedia to investigate what sort of cuisine would be served in the story world’s real-life counterpart.  To my surprise, it is seen a lot in the restaurants near where we live.  As I was describing the meal, I started getting a little hungry.  Hopefully that’s a good sign!

What makes me even happier is that the inspiration has not stopped with that scene, and I can continue with the rest of Chapter 7.  It will prove important in the story, as the character of mysterious geographical origins will come into contact with someone who will change his future in a drastic way =)


5 thoughts on “Progress and an Abundance of Inspiration

  1. Yes, I too have days when everything seems to come together, but I haven’t had a day like that for a while now, so it’s a matter partly of making it happen. Thanks again for entering my Fall 2012 Writer’s Relay. So far, I haven’t had any more respondents, so either other folks are too shy, or just don’t want to participate. The odd thing was, I had a lot of viewers that day, more than ever before. Go figure!

    • That is peculiar. Maybe we scared them off moving between romance and action. Give it a day or two more, and then I’ll add on some more. The words ‘Calyxis’ and ‘Aran’ give me plenty of ideas =)

      • Thanks, that would be fun. I opened the possibility up of a reference to a plant metaphor with the name Calyx-is (“calyx” as in “the united sepals of a flower”), but obviously because of the last syllable “is” it could be anything.

      • Did some quick research on Wikipedia for ‘Aran Islands’, and the result dissolves my ‘space opera’ idea. However, ‘Calyx’ and ‘Aran’ are both linked by another prominent word, which will be useful if you are looking to a sci-fi or supernatural bend.

      • Hey, just for the fun of it, it can even morph into a Western and back into a romance or non-genred thing for all I mind. The point is for us to extend ourselves and limber up. So take it where you like!

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