Making Use of Wisdom and Helpful Links

After considering the points that George RR Martin made in the article previously mentioned, I will be making a point of writing the chapters when the motivation hits.  In trying to keep the writing chronological, I forgot I had done non-sequential chapters (Book 1 Chapter 4 Scene 1, Book 2 Chapter 1 Scene 1) already!  What is more embarrassing is that I wrote of the two scenes in a previous blog.  Naughty!

The basis for Chapter 4 Scene 1 has been written, which involved the introduction of another character.  The pacing of important character introductions will (hopefully) not be overwhelming, as Chapter 1  involved two main characters and five supporting characters.  I think it should be fine, as in the last book I finished reading (‘The Final Empire’ by Brandon Sanderson), one scene revealed 4-5 main characters in one fell swoop.  Each character then had one-on-one time with the main character, which helped their development, alongside the scenes with the team ringleader.

The character introduced in Chapter 4 gets more dedicated time in the second quarter of Book 1 (Chapters 6-10) , but I needed to find a way to reveal a prominent aspect of his character.  I happened upon a show called ‘Ancient Megastructures’, with the episode about a citadel in a real-world country inspiring one of my story world’s countries.  There was one particularly awesome part, focusing on an architectural aspect I knew of, but not its name.  With the aspect’s name, I placed it into Wikipedia.  The article noted this particular aspect appeared almost concurrently…  in two countries within my story world’s inspirations!

And with that, I finally have the piece of information I needed.  He will recognise something by another name, which will lead to the revelation that will be his first major character development.  His next major character development will be a prominent aspect in Book 2, and will strongly link him to two other main characters =)


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