Wisdom From A Master… Take 2

I want to work my way past Chapter 3 Scene 1, but it is just not coming together.  I know what I want to achieve with it overall, but I am mentally blocked.

All the while, the ideas for later on in the book are flying around in my head.  I was lucky enough yesterday that I had a moment of clarity, and the ‘origin story’ I had needed to give some sense to the country of Book 1 finally coalesced into some semblance of order.

Through Wikipedia, I happened across a recent interview on Adriasnews.com with George RR Martin, the esteemed author of the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ series.  Some of his words perfectly encompass how writing feels:

“I do not write the chapters in the order you read them.”

“I mean, you are sitting down and you wait… the story just comes to you and you follow its needs.”

That is what my writing feels like most of the time.  You do your research, you have the ideas in your head, but they are like jigsaw puzzle pieces in a wind tunnel.  They are blowing around everywhere, you grab some pieces… but they are not in the right sequence.

It is comforting to know even the well-known authors have similar problems when it comes to the flow of their thoughts.  It would seem writing is like creating the puzzle pieces, and then putting them all together later on.

Another blogger from my corner of the universe, who happens to be the wife of a high school acquaintance, also mentioned this phenomenon in her recent post.  I especially enjoyed her summarising thoughts.

PS:  Apologies if my putting links in the first instance of this post caused any grief with system securities.


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