Visualising your World and its Inhabitants

As my writing has stalled somewhat this past week or so, I have kept the book development ticking over by constantly harassing Google Images for pictures.  Using the traditional clothing of the countries inspiring my story world, I am looking to create outfits for the characters.

The current focus is creating the tell-tale outfits of the Houses in Book 1’s starting city.  There are five such Houses, yet I need to visualise eight types of clothing.  The one thing that is both helpful and distracting is that the styles of clothing, despite being different countries, have a degree of uniformity.  Therefore, I need to find a way to manipulate the uniformity into original gear.

As I have mentioned the Architectural House in my world several times, I will divulge the current idea for their outfits.  They will have a style of tight-fitting pants that looks like brickwork, a single-colour vest with a House symbol on its back.  But what symbol?  Research is indicating a dome and a tower (combining two telling tall objects) either side.

The House of Martial Arts will make use of a slightly-altered design that is still used today.  There are squares on the front and back of the legs, with a teardrop-like symbol in the middle.  I will look to keep that symbol, while also have a sword-like design run down the side of the pants.

Now, what outfits to design for the others?

Also on the Architectural house note.  The more I clarify their purpose and how they work around the city, it seems like my setting description in Chapter 1 Scene 1 is not enough.  May have to revamp it again, and send out for feedback.  Though only one person has been prompt with feedback (thank you shadowoperator!), but my other feedback folk do have jobs so I have to give leeway to that fact.

Anyone good with setting descriptions that I can pick their brains, in a non-zombie fashion of course?



2 thoughts on “Visualising your World and its Inhabitants

  1. Thanks for the acknowledgement. You’re designing the complete visuals of your world too as if you’re responsible for how it’s seen on film. Are you sure that you need actually to reveal each and every house design in the actual text, or maybe just have them each ready to plug in in case you need them? In any case, since there are 8 different kinds of symbols, you’ll probably find yourself obliged to repeat them for the sake of your readers’ clarity anyway from time to time when they come up.

    • You’re welcome =)

      You are very astute. I see my world as if it was on the big screen. The opening scene of Chapter 1 would be a circling of the city, before focusing on a particular tower from the direct opposite side (Yes, it would be visible that far away). Then a fast zoom in until all you see is Antagonist #1’s eyes, with the loose hairs blowing across them. The zooming would provide just enough time to note A1’s ‘attributes’, and see A2 in the background.

      House sigil design maybe not, but each House is of a generic design. It is a matter of what makes each House their House.

      It is a bit overboard, but the writer must always know more about their world than the reader does.

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