More research leads to more links!

JUST FINISHED  :  ‘The Final Empire’ by Brandon Sanderson (Book 1 of ‘Mistborn’ series)

VERDICT                :  Over 600 pages read in 7 days.  Could not put it down!

JUST STARTED    :  ‘Periar Council of Prime’ by Jackson Lee Brown

The last week has been hard to get motivated to write, for some reason.  The wife being sick doesn’t help, and neither does the kids constantly wanting your attention.  I managed to rewrite Chapter 1 Scene 1, but now need to work through Scenes 2 and 3.  I do not think Scene 4 can be revamped, as it was the largest (page-wise) scene of the chapter.

So the future of one character needed to be clarified.  The main synopsis of him is done, and he should be joining the story somewhere in Book 2.

A friend of mine from university, who is currently living the other side of the world, inadvertently gave me a hint.  The character is a warrior (as the story world seems to always need warriors), but how to work him into the story was being problematic.  I mentioned the idea of societal castes to her, and she mentioned her family was from a particular caste historically associated to warriors.  I searched her caste on Wikipedia, and it is actually a mix of warrior and merchant.

To help drive towards the planned end of Book 1, and weave through the narrative of Book 2, the character being a warrior/merchant is hugely helpful.

And the best part of the info?  It links not just their Sin/Virtue dichotomy, but the name of his opposing character is historically linked to the warrior caste he comes from.

Thanks for the hint RM =)


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