The peculiar flow of thought and action

Thoughts have been focused on how to get Chapter 3 flowing.  The first scene is based in the House of Architecture, and its leader.  To have a link between the change in House focus from Chapter 2, this House leader is also dealing with a delegate.

But I haven’t been able to motivate myself for some reason.

Now that I have a shred of motivation…  it’s to rewrite Chapter 1.  Aspects of the current city did not read clearly enough for me, while other ‘small things’ have come to mind to help give the city a greater sense of order.  And, the structure going forward does not seem to flow to flow to my liking.

To clarify the future, one must make sense of the past.  Works in writing, and real life.  And maybe even the overall story.


6 thoughts on “The peculiar flow of thought and action

  1. “To clarify the future, one must make sense of the past.” I like that. It sounds like a famous quote I have kicking around somewhere in my mind, but I can’t quite place it. At any rate, it seems like a very sound opinion.

    • A moment of inspiration, thought I am sure it was helped along by all the famous quotes from well-known people I built up a good while ago. The only kink left along that line of thought is that the winners supposedly write history, and they never say they are the bad guys in it.

  2. P.S. There was already a lot of detail in the portion I read of your Chapter I. Are you planning to develop further details about the House’s physical layout or about the House’s people? I can see maybe adding to the people, but my honest opinion is that more detail about the physical layout might bog you down. More PRECISE detail on physical layout might not hurt, I guess, but you seemed to have it so nailed down already that I could see it quite clearly in my mind’s eye.

    • More the city’s physical layout. It may give a better idea from Scene 1’s ‘looking down’ locale, as opposed to Scene 2’s ‘walking through’. And some small things bothered me later on as I wrote new sections, such as uniqueness of each House layout, and House locations in city.

      I can send you Chapter 1 Scene 1 (Version 4) for an objective analysis, if you like.

      • Rather than send me the new version of the Chapter, how’s about telling me as much as you can in brief, point for point, of what you changed? I think I have a fairly vivid memory of what you wrote the first time.

      • 1) Clarification of A1 and A2’s appearance.
        2) Adjustment and clarification of the city layout, from birds eye view, and its surroundings.
        3) Rearrangement of dialogue.
        4) Clarification of the mindset of the city’s residents.
        5) Scene an even 1400 words (just under 3 pages).

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