Building the Supporting Cast

During the writing of Chapter 2, and now through Chapter 3, it is dawning on me how important the supporting cast are.  The leader of Antagonist #2’s House was followed in Chapter 2, and now the Leader of another House is being followed in Chapter 3.  Though she is not as important in the greater scheme, she is important to the backstory of Antagonist #3.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it is the supporting cast who are the most able to build the unbiased view of the world around them.  The main characters are then left to give the reader the ‘other side of the coin’, and let them decide if what has been established is a good or bad thing.

I have spent the last hour or so investigating the ‘Supporting Characters’ subfolder on my thumb drive.  The count sits at 36, though they are spread across all seven books.  The thought crossed my mind about how many characters there should be in a chapter, without underwhelming or overloading.  For the purpose of my first five chapters, it appears the count is ten.  The characters cover all areas of type (Main, Supporting, Bit Part).

Will experiment with the ten character count per chapter and see how it works out.  Hoping that it feels epic without being bloated.


4 thoughts on “Building the Supporting Cast

  1. Yes, the supporting cast is very important. We must’ve read the same advice, which says that writing good supporting characters can help with everything from setting to structure. Keep a-goin’, it sounds like it’s coming along!

    • The Supporting Characters are definitely assisting the setting thus far. Chapter 3 has the House leader going to a newly built portion of the city (maybe this will be the ‘Parkour’ section?). But also, we find out her link to a future Main Character (to appear in Chapter 13 at current estimate).

      Hope you have managed to get the ball rolling again on Book 5 =)

      • Book 5 is coming along in bits and pieces. The problem is that I have two sections sort of planned out, but neither of then can happen for a while yet, and other things have to take place first, and I’m trying to imagine what the other things are. But it’s better than having nothing to go on!

      • The good old ‘Point A to Point C, but what about Point B?’ problem. When motivation hits for a section of the story, but it’s out of sequence with where you are up to, it is frustrating to no end. But it is good that you have a ‘here’ and ‘there’, you can test your creativity to bridge the gap, and maybe even work a plot twist into it =)

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