Milestones and ongoing challenges

I finally finished drafting Chapter 2! Huzzah! The first two chapter drafts have been distributed to selected people for some feedback.  It felt quite the achievement when I put the two chapters together, and they came up to 30 pages.  I was also impressed that Chapter 2 was exactly 8,000 words.

A way to ensure your story dedicates time to establishing a setting.  Let’s see… I know!  Have a set of characters that are actively building it!  Now, time to write some Chapter 3.  The fun aspect of this chapter, and the next, will be the foreshadowing of characters to join the fray later in the book.  They were alluded to in Chapter 1 Scene 3, and the next chapters will shed light on their standings in the Families.  But not mentioning what they did to get there, of course.  You need some suspense to run alongside your foreshadowing =)


2 thoughts on “Milestones and ongoing challenges

  1. You seem to be working within an extremely tight structure. I noticed when I read that each chapter had exactly 15 pages. Do you plan to stick to this, and to the 8000 word count?

    • I stick to 4 scenes per chapter, and try to keep each scene to 2,000 words. This is to ensure I don’t lose focus, but also seems to contribute to the overloading of information in some sentences and paragraphs. If a scene goes above 2,000 words, or falls short, I use another scene to make up the balance.

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