Word Association

No, it’s not being done to test craziness levels.  It is being done to help establish more interesting aspects to the cities inhabiting the story world of Book 1.

For the city used to inspire the capital city of Book 1’s country, a Wikipedia search was conducted.  The information that stood out the most to me was that the city is “one of the largest cities built almost entirely out of adobe”.

OK, adobe.  Well, acrobat is closely associated to the word adobe these days.  A well-known acrobatic form these days is Parkour.

A multi-layered city designed with Parkour in mind?  That would be awesome for many reasons:

The world’s army can be trained to be Parkour types.  Ninjas but not…

The world’s architects can have fun designing city districts so Parkour travel is possible.

The city’s residents can keep themselves entertained (especially those energetic kids) by exploring the city in such a way.

I want to live there already *sigh*


3 thoughts on “Word Association

  1. I’m afraid I’m totally flummoxed by your word associations: I just don’t understand the link between adobe and Parkour. What is Parkour? Is it the name of your city, or something in the non-literary world which I should know about but don’t? Help!

    • There is no direct link between adobe the building material and Parkour. The next word is only associated to the word preceding it. Adobe Acrobat is the well-known computer program. Parkour, as per Wikipedia, is ‘a training discipline focused on overcoming obstacles, involving moving from point A to point B in the fastest and most efficient way possible. It combines a variety of movements like running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, leaping, and rolling.’ It became known for a time when people did so in urban settings, and has become prominent in movie action scenes. There are many videos of people doing parkour on Youtube also.

      The real world buildings inspiring Book 1’s country has buildings that have wooden beams jutting out of its sides. So you can imagine people using them as a type of monkey bars, or in the style of gymnastic uneven bars, to traverse a city. It has been more suited to thief-style characters, but I am looking to dispel that notion and warp the idea to make it a more commonly-used ability in my Book 1 country.

      • What a marvelous idea! Sorry, I didn’t immediately think of Adobe Acrobat as one thing, though I have Adobe on my computer (I’m still post-Luddite, what can I say?). And thanks for the tip on Parkour. Though I can’t see myself participating in the thing itself, it’ll be fun reading about it.

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