Hooray for progress

Bouts of inspiration are awesome.  Managing to write 2 scenes in 2 days (8 pages, 4k words) is a new record for me =)
It feels like a more robust story-telling experience when you can see the character development of your supporting characters.  One would feel obligated to sink plenty of time into the main characters, but I am beginning to see the value of the supporting characters.  They are the ones who have the greater ability to develop the world around them.  The main characters are then freed up to develop their persona’s, and focus on their reactions to the world and their place in it.

Chapter 2’s scenes seemed a marked contrast at the moment.  Scene 1 is the introduction to Antagonist #2 on his own, as opposed to being the teammate of Antagonist #1.  Scene 2 is the building up of the Family he is part of through a supporting character, and it has really helped expand the story world.


One thought on “Hooray for progress

  1. I think you’re right on target about the importance of supporting characters–several writers I’ve been reading since I’ve been blogging have commented on the same phenomenon, yet so often we as writers spend so much time on our primary characters that we forget about the supporting characters. Glad to hear that your writing is going well.

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