Nothing new #2

It seems turning 30 and resigning from one’s job are effective tools for diverting your mind from writing and WordPress.  Oops!

Turning 30 was good in a materialistic sense, as I got plenty of vouchers to help stock my cupboard.  Not all was good for mental stimulation (Wrestling DVDs), but tried to balance it out with mental stimulating materials.  Should you come across the CD ‘Concerto of The Greater Sea’ by Joseph Tawadros, I highly recommend you grab it as he plays a mean Oud.  The same goes for the two BBC series hosted by Professor Brian Cox, ‘Wonders of the Solar System’ and ‘Wonders of the Universe’.

My wife is a superstar, procuring for me a spiffy hardcover copy of ‘The Arabian Nights’.  Though knowing of it for a long time, actually reading it was quite disconcerting.  The prologue had rampant promiscuity, and the first story had a man beating his wife with a tree branch to ensure her submissiveness.  Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad and all in the back half of the book; proof of saving the best until last I guess.

While researching for stories to help build my ideas, I found that there is a Persian story with a strong link to ‘Romeo and Juliet’ in its underlying concept.  That the story’s title included the name of my number one antagonist only confirmed that I needed to use it as inspiration.  The story is still on pre-order, but Wikipedia’s blurb gave me enough to make use of.

By merging aspects of ‘Aladdin’ with the Persian ‘Romeo and Juliet’, alongside some unexpected assistance by Mr Tawadros, the number two protagonist I was struggling to characterise is now fleshed out.  Hopefully, a musician lamenting lost love and family after giving up his warrior ways will not be too hard to keep motivated throughout the series.  Maybe those warrior ways could be used again?

Though sea pirates are not of use to the story (Sorry Sinbad), the portion of the story inspired by Ali Baba will be a pivotal part of the overarching story.


3 thoughts on “Nothing new #2

    • Cheers =)

      Yes, the difficulty in character building seems to be making the ‘good guys’ as engaging as the ‘bad guys’. I think that is partly caused by my watching wrestling, as the ‘bad guys’ always seem to be more interesting and intriguing.

      Still aiming for 7 books. Currently working on the overarching storyline and its application to Book 1.

      Protagonist #2 does not appear until later on in Book 1 now, but I am very happy with his story and motivations. Now to find such stories for Protagonists #’s 3,5,6, and 7. Do you find ideas for characters suddenly drop into your head, moreso than through research?

      I must say, after reading your WordPress I feel like I’m sitting at the learning tree. Too intimidated to post, as I’d drag the intellectual level down a little haha.

      • Well, the truth of it is, we all learn from each other–a formal education is just a starting point, you have to go on from there on your own in terms of your work (so don’t feel intimidated, I regularly take hints from other people). And yes, I often find that characters are born for me sometimes before I quite know what it is I want to do with them, exactly. I’d say I can sometimes “hear” them talking and then decide to structure a whole fiction around what they say. I think it’s probably a remnant of all the times I’ve sat in public alone eavesdropping on what’s going on in the real-life dramas around me that causes that tendency.

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