The perils of research

One child has been put down for a sleep (and is still there), the other has fallen asleep due to sickness-related exhaustion (and some Panadol), and the wife is watching one of her TV shows.

Woohoo, time to finally sit down and get some more of Book 1 written.

Two hours later, no more has been added to Book 1.  Argh!

However, I have managed to revamp the progression of Books 2, 3 and 4.


1)  Book 2 will now have 3 main locations, as the planned fourth has been moved into Book 3;

2)  Book 3 will now need to have double the locales to keep in line with its title; and

3)  Instead of Book 4 starting at its super-important locale, that locale will be reached in second quarter of the book.


No plans ever seem to go according to the prophecy.  You have focus for one thing, but end up getting diverted into something else.  Well, at least it was a semi-productive diversion.

As an aside:  Should you ever find yourself there, Almaty in Kyrgyzstan is a good place to get some apples =)


3 thoughts on “The perils of research

  1. You keep dropping these tantalizing hints about how you are working on your book–how’s about a look at it, or maybe a rundown of what happens, or maybe even just a hint as to what literary genre it’s in. From something you said before, I got the impression that it’s a science fiction/fantasy sort of work.

    • The only chapter I’ve written so far is still too raw, and it would be impossible to avoid spoilers if giving a rundown.

      The definitives (while avoiding spoiler alert):
      1) Sci-fi / Fantasy genre;
      2) Other genres to be melded into it;
      3) Seven books planned; and
      4) Main cast of 7 ‘good guys’, and 7 ‘bad guys’

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