WordPress Posting after Midnight again?

Internet access is a double-edged sword.  It is right there for valuable information when you decide you need it, but also has many other distracting facets *sigh*.

Was trying to get antagonist #2’s chapter going, but the nightmare sequence that starts it not being right seems to be killing motivation to keep ploughing through the chapter writing.

NOTE TO SELF:  Get the super-rough draft done, then go back and revise it.

But there is a plus, and it was an inadvertent one.  Clicked the Windows Start button to start up Media Player, and noticed Paint was sitting underneath it.  So opened it up, and I FINALLY have a draft design of my world’s first main city!  Huzzah for World Development!

And what will fall in the ‘not sure yet’ category is that another city has appeared in Country #5.  Don’t need one, but the top point on the pentagon needs to lead to somewhere…  So, there are now 8 cities of note in Country #5.

NOTE TO SELF:  Go back and count the number of locales in the other 7 countries.

The ‘KISS Principle’ seems to be disappearing in the increasing world scope =S


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