Mental notes

It has been said many times how real life gets in the way of one’s writings, reducing one to wielding a notepad everywhere they go to remember their moments of brilliance.

Real life has stopped my even thinking about writing this week (probably more like a week and a half), yet there are always the little sparks that run through one’s mind at inconvenient times.

One of the things that has been interesting is how I automatically try to find a funny side to a serious context of my story.

An idea (one I am sure was inspired by the Wheel of Time series) involved a statue that had been partially destroyed.  Heads and hands were broken off.  One of these hands is considered a sacred relic, called the ‘Hand of God’.

Therefore, it needs to find its way to Argentina, and into the hands of a local sportsperson…

Would you feel slightly crazy yelling to yourself, “Take your writing seriously!  Is it a story or a joke book?!’


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