Late night musings

Trying to be a bit different from previous posts, an exclamation mark has been left off the post title.  I seem to have been channeling Matthew Reilly, and trying to make every post seem terribly exciting with their frequent appearance =P

Stuck in Scene 2 of Chapter 1, and trying to make a freeflowing description of the day-to-day activities of the population seems more difficult that one would think.  Especially when one is trying to be respectful to a way of life very different than their own.

Beginning to think that maybe I should aim to 3 pages per scene at the moment.  Doing more than that seems to be padding it, and working against keeping the brisk pace going.

1206AM…  yeesh. But, version 2 of book 1 chapter 1 scene 2 completed.  The fight scene I thought to place as scene 3 will now definitely be scene 4.  Best use scene 3 to get an insight into the workings of a Private Council, to help transition/escalate to the public version in scene 4.


2 thoughts on “Late night musings

  1. Tantalizing hints and comments here–how’s about a free chapter for a read? Don’t worry if you don’t feel like it, not everyone does. But I allowed a website to feature the first 40 pages of each of my three novels, which is how I came to the attention of the only people who ever contributed to me as a money-making venture (so far, at least). On, because you can’t feature an obligatory “Buy now” button but only a “Donate” button, I’ve had to put the three novels on for people to read without being sure that they’ll contribute monetarily. But hey, encouragement is something too, and I’m hard at work on the 4th novel now. Maybe a legitimate publisher of print or e-books will come along some day and discover me!

    • It seems more and more these days that e-publishing is the way to go, though it still has a lot of ground to make up on the traditional medium.
      Am tempted to get an e-reader, but the traditionalist in me says you need to be able to flick pages to read a book. Although, the ‘spine-breaking’ problem that is a pet peeve would become a thing of the past haha.
      It is good that some people have seen promise in your writing. You need a bit of faith shown in you to keep your motivation, especially through the constant revision process =)

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