Darn you logic! Thank you unintentional foresight!

The one overriding thing about me that can be annoying to myself, and others, is the need to follow logic.  Gets me in trouble in pretty much every aspect of life =\

One of my protagonists had his overarching story written up, and the backstory arranged…  but I realised that it can’t work because it will severely affect the world’s arrangement for the final book  >(

But, thankfully, an offshoot of my original research helped me cover that shortcoming very nicely.  Thank you again, history, for providing a rich tapestry of conflict.  Watching a couple of SBS movies (one of those with Jackie Chan, no less) that had a historical basis in my story world’s inspiration also helped.  SBS can be educational for more than just horny teenagers wanting to see some ‘birds and the bees’  =p


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