Is there a thing as too much linking?

Filling in gaps in the backstory of some characters has raised the above question.

One antagonist has a specific motivation to his role in the story, driven by a traumatic event in his younger years.

The 14 main characters are being designed so they have linked characters. These linked characters have a role in the main character’s past (and their future?).  I created a link character for the above antagonist, but now the link character is becoming more and more important as my story development seems to go on.

A batch of characters in the story from ‘Path #5’ onwards have had their story arc solidified, and are now inextricably linked to the most important locale of ‘Path #4’.  The antagonist’s link character now plays a massive part in this locale’s past, but later came to be the cause of the traumatic event of the antagonist.

Keeping track of the story’s event timeline is beginning to feel like it has a ‘Metroidvania’ feel.  But hey, you need stuff to keep the story (hopefully) interesting right? =P



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