Found THE pictures!

After the choices for my main antagonist’s visual inspiration went back to two options, I finally narrowed it back down to just one again.  That she was born in the land inspiring the ‘Path #1’story world only cemented the deal.

The only drawback?

The antagonist, by her nature, is a ‘baddie’.  The antagonist’s inspiration, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, seems too many levels of awesome from what I’ve read of her to ever be considered so.

But, since the wife wanted the ‘merciless killer’ look to aid her decision making process, I managed to find a pic of Nazanin rocking that look too =)

– – –

On the train ride, had the seven cover pictures for my story books appear in my head.  Love it when the visuals in your head are vivid enough to remember =)


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