When you can’t draw, find a picture!


As I want a degree of faithfulness to the regions that are the inspiration for my story, a picture search of Google was required.

Needing some inspiration for our main antagonist (the first one we meet), I eventually narrowed down to four real-world ladies who I thought had ‘the look’ of the character in my head.

I had to remove one of my previous inspirations, as I could not find a decent pic of her (she is a video game character).  That, and the fact she was FAR too buxom to be the character.

Showed the four pics to the wife.  Her verdict?  “None of them look like merciless killers!”  Uh…  I’d be worried if they did, as they are real people!

In any case, I have found the lady I think fits the bill.  Hooray!


There was a show recently on SBS that was absolutely awesome.  Two specific episodes covered the world base I am using.  One of them showed a layout of an ancient city (though still around today) that matched the extremely general idea for how the major cities of my story’s world are designed.

As I was searching for a specific word to describe an area of the first city in the story (and some others), it clarified a portion of the city’s layout to me PERFECTLY.  The small things that help solidify an idea.  Awesome!


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