Tiny little bites!

So it just ticked over 11pm, and I have just completed the division of my planned book layout into 560 pieces.  Four scenes per chapter, with twenty chapters per book, over the course of seven books.

While this would seem the embodiment of micro-managing, it seems the ideas for the story never come out of my head in a chronological order.  I also read somewhere that one of the hardest things to do with epic writing is to keep a character’s directions and motivations logical and consistent over such a large span.  If either do change, they must make sense.

The current scene coming out of my head is a flashback by one of the antagonists.  His character will be one of undying loyalty to another antagonist, but there will be an begrudging respect to some of the protagonists over time.  He will be fueled by anger relating to the event in the flashback.  I have a feeling this will be a scene within book one chapter two, but whether it begins the chapter or is further inside it is a decision yet to be made.

Looking back at the current writings of book one chapter one, already the scenes seem to need rearranging.  Scene one introduces the two antagonists mentioned above, scene two is an antagonist with their immediate family,while scene three is a big one-on-one public fight.  Whether the fight should become before or after the more intimate family interaction I am not sure.  The ‘before’ argument is to show trepidation and provide motivation, while the ‘after’ argument is the character reacting to the scene and its events.

When in doubt, write both scenes and see which one works better I guess =p


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