Write it down!

It was one of the discussion items with the wife when deciding if it would be better to get a laptop instead of a proper desktop computer for home.

“The kids are always around and always in your business.  It’s easier to have a laptop since it’s more mobile than a desktop.”

The amount of times in the last week where I’ve had an idea, or something to WordPress about, and I haven’t been able to write down due to location (work, like now), the time (my regular 10PM idea spurt), or not having the USB with my story on it available.  Frustrating!

Well, I guess that means it is time for a proper smartphone so that I can access wordpress (and Facebook) when required… and bribing the wife into letting me get a netbook.  But, since the Wii U is coming by year-end, the decision is a tough one =p

Just started ‘Streams of Silver’,  Book 5 in the ‘Legend of Drizzt’ series.  The two inspirations for the writing style I want to develop are R.A.  Salvatore and Matthew Reilly.  Hooray for lofty ambitions!

RANDOM THOUGHT:  Does a ‘Lupine Locator’ have to be lunar powered?


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