Too much structure?

Is there such a thing as too much structure?

I have split my planned book structure into quarters of 5 chapters for each book.  20 chapters for each book, with each chapter aiming to be 20 pages, that would make each book 400 pages, for a grand total of 2800 pages for the whole saga.

The moment the ‘quartering’ was completed, it looked like it wouldn’t be enough.  Especially when the first five chapters of the first book are to flesh out the greater society the characters are living in, and their places within it.  100 pages to do it doesn’t seem enough.

I’ve dubbed my pacing aim as the ‘Matthew Reilly’ method: Keep the pace quick, and give just enough information for the reader to create a mental picture.  Reading some fantasy novels, while the author fleshing out the world is admirable, you would need an eidetic memory to remember all the little details!

And the thought had entered my head to quarters each chapter, to ensure focus is kept.  I’m beginning to think there is such a thing as too much structure.  Hooray for micro-management!


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