They are my own!

Well, a little bit of looking around the Internet to get an idea of R. Scott Bakker’s inspirations and themes in his ‘Prince of Nothing’ story world needed to be done to ensure my ideas were different.

So, the world comparative?  Same world basis, except his is almost 100 years after mine.

The tone of the story?  Definitely different.  The fantasy genre seemed to have its tone dial stuck on ‘Dark’, and the ‘Prince of Nothing’ series only seems to enhance and further that tone.  And attempt to be a bit more disturbing with the actions of its antagonists.

But, as seems to be the rule of thumb, there has to be conflict.  A book without it would be like the literary match of watching paint dry.

So, I had a couple of thoughts during the assessment:

1) Does evil need to be disturbing in its actions to be evil?

2) Is peace only for the powerful?

In any case, I now know that my world is similar only in timeframe, which is a great comfort.

However, to be safe, I will not be reading ‘The Thousandfold Thought’.  That will be going straight to the Book Exchange.


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