The Human Condition

My best friend for research purposes, Wikipedia, defines the above as:

“The human condition encompasses the unique and believed to be inescapable features of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context.”

The issue has come to interest me, upon observing the various aspects of the world.  I observe these through my personal opinions, which by no means are the ‘be all end all’.

– Wars, with different contexts but the apparent main reason being the power held by different groups.  It appears obvious that both sides are guilty of nasty acts, so the right side and the wrong side have become shades of grey.

– While researching religion, finding that once the current view of the religions were completely opposite.  Who we believe the most warlike were once the most oppressed, while the most peaceful were once disgustingly brutal.

– Seeing greed in its many facets.  People are getting richer and richer and STILL want more, yet become jaded with charity because there is always SOMEONE who needs money for a cause.  Does it seem you HAVE to win Lotto to make a difference?

So, to try and provide a framework for the world I am creating, the question pondered is:

“What would people need to be provided, free of charge, that they would be happy at the most basic level of human needs?”

Still working on it.


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